Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alot of things in One blog

I have so much to talk about and need to post this is what I'll start with

Abigail's Birthday Aug. 10th

My baby girl turned 2 ya its crazy but she is the most adorable thing ever. For her birthday party I made cupcakes and my mom made a giant cupcake

Abby really didn't know what to do with the candle

She decided to try to eat it!!! we went to a little park down the street from my moms and some friends of ours and my moms side of the family came. It was a cool day the wind was out. Now on her birthday day we went to my moms and had smores yes we did it was national smore day and my sisters came and we really just enjoyed ourselves.

Dominic's Birthday Sept. 8th

Made sure to put his sign up in the window he loves it!!

For his party we did it at my moms of course one of our hottest days this summer but ya in Sept. we had fun hot dogs, smores, and his fav dirts and warms!!!

yes one was sugar free pudding so really not all sugar free.. good times though

Dominic and I she is my angel! The day of his Birthday we went to the park with his friends had dirt's and warms and really just had a great time with some great friends

Sausage fest time Aug 9th-11th

Little toys in hand that he won(daddy won)

He loved this ride he got to choose and after watching it forever he wanted to go on it. Daddy got a little sick but let me tell you this little boy was so excited went back the next day and couldn't wait to go on it again.

Abby and I just watched and chilled on the side next year she'll be able to go on things. Oh no that means mommy needs to loose this weight.

Mommy decided lets go do the ring toss we won't win but hey it will be fun.

(oh was I wrong)

Mike won on the second toss he did!

Yes its a Giant Fire Dog... Yes its bigger then Dom!!!

Fall Time in The Garrett House

I got the wreath at goodwill and the tart pan I painted and my sister put the quote in!

Little touches of Fall oh I love fall!!

The kids put their Rain Boots on today and ya no rain but its fall too me!

My little rain boot outside with my fall flowers.

the little touches are everything to me!

Last of all I painted a wall in my house!

It makes my house warm and inviting can't wait to finish all my fall/winter/ Halloween little things around the house... Here is to a wonderful season I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~ Where does the time go?~

Its crazy I haven't been on here in ages its crazy so much has happened and ya where do I even start.......

Lets see I'm a stay at home mom now. I love it and I wish I would have been able to do this way sooner..... I missed out on so much... the first step, rolling over, words, all the little things you just wish you could see. But I was working my butt off and did it pay off yes and no. One my car is paid off two I have shoes on my feet and clothes on my back. I do have to say that I would have never been able to do it if I didn't have my mom. Oh my goodness you don't know she has done so much for me. With both the kids and yes its hard dealing with them just myself but imagine being 69 years old and taking care of two little ones.

Mom your my hero and will always be my hero I have no idea what I would have done if I didn't have you.

Abigail just turned 2 she is my little wild child loves to run, jump, yell, scream, but also be my love bug.
Dominic will be 3 soon he is well how do I say this my child that gives me a run around. He has autism and let me tell you even thought they say its on the low spectrim I don't know... I'm tired of all the yelling, hitting, bighting, pulling hair, the list could go on and on. But really its all about routine for him. If I keep a routine its all good....

Mike and I well we are always a challenge for one another. I love him with all my heart and would do anything for him just wish sometimes he would say it back and show it to me. I love when he helps even if its putting dishes away or taking the trash out. He is my everything and sometimes I don't think he knows how much I care about him. I have no idea how to show it anymore.

Now its project time in my house... I have to get a wall painted and also get things cleaned up. I have a mom that I get together with once a week and come this fall we are going to do fall projects at each others houses and I want to be able to say "please come over". I really wish our other mom we get together with wouldn't be moving away so we could have her little ones too. But sometimes you have to move and have changes in your life. well I really don't know what else to say but I'm so excited its time for fall, autumn, harvest time its all my favorite... good times to come....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love fall its the most amazing thing on the planet. My most favorite thing about it is the smell. The air is so crisp and the sun shines at the times you need it. The leaves change colors and man oh man the smell if spices. I love going to the Pumpkin Patch that is so much fun and this year with two wonderful little ones it was the most excitement ever.

We had such a wonderful time. I really love being with the family and just having a good day. It was really cool that this year both kids are walking and having fun that's what is suppose to happen at the pumpkin patch. Dominic has decided to be Spiderman and Abigail we really haven't made up our minds. We are also moving on the 28Th we will be moving into our new little place. Its a little smaller but in the long run the rent is better and things will be much better this also gives us time to think about a house and really put out mind to it. Well these are little thoughts for the day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where does the time go

Its been so very long and can I just say its been so crazy. Abigail is 1 now and Dominic is 2 I really just don't know where all the time has really gone. Abigail is starting to walk and Dom Ya he is my runner and really just likes to play. They do Scream a lot as well. Abby knows that it makes Papa really upset so she does it. She gets away with it but if Dom does it he don't. He gets told to stop... Its really funny. Well this is short but more to come. I'm taking a huge test this next week then after that my head will clear a little better.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long time

OK so I really didn't know it had been so long since I have been on... Goodness.. well lots is going on maybe that is why. I'm trying to get ready for my BIG test in October and also on top planning the kids birthday party. also We need to find a new place to live so that is on my list as well... Well goodness... here is a little pic.
OK so here is the Garrett Family... we are at a park and finally I asked someone to take a pic of us.. We never have pics of the four of us... We had a good time this day and we decided that this was the place to have the kids Birthday Parties!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer time

Ok so I haven't been on here in some time but we have been busy so here are pics to prove that we have been doing things... Ok... I also have no voice today so this is a perfect little thing to do.. well enjoy our silly pics love ya and night.
Connor and Grandma it's their Birthday!!!
June 24th

Amy Jo and Connor

Debbie and Mom

Bubba and grandma


Dominic on the slide

he likes to clime

Grandma is freaking out

we went to the beach for fathers day there is my two
guys... Dominic and Daddy

Abigail and Mommy at the beach too....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Starlight and graduation Party for Ty

Sunday started out really early... really..... we walked in the door at 1am and didn't go to sleep tell 2am then we had to get up early to meet Mikes dad.. we did then we went to see my nephew, he graduated this next week!!!! We are so very excited for him he also will be playing in the Shriner bowl.... its a football game that they take the top players of the districts and let them all play and all the donations goes to the Shriner Hospital. Its for a very good cause. Ty will be going to WSU this fall he is so very excited for that.. Its amazing how time just flies by. Goodness... well a weekend that was fun and very entertaining.

Graduation party for Ty I took a nice little picture of Rick, AmyJo, Ty and his girlfriend. We had a really nice time,

We really has a great day Saturday... we got up in the morning and got the day started since the day before wasn't a really good one we knew that we had to make the most of this day.. it was so nice the sun was out and man was it warm. So we packed up the kids went to Saturday market downtown Vancouver then headed to Lloyd Center to get on MAX and take it to the waterfront... it was a blast... kids were so very good and they did get a little tired but for the most part it was all good... we really enjoyed it.

Dominic is waiting to see all the fun bands and floats... but before that we had to have some fun in the water!!!

Here is my little Abigail down at the Rose Festival..... She really can't wait for the starlight to start!!!!

It finally started and we really had a good time we sat by the man and lady who did all the announcing of what the floats were and also what was coming.. it was really fun. Abigail fell asleep and Dom ya no... he was a wake the entire time... Finally after waiting for MAX tell 12am he then was out... but it was a blast.