Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alot of things in One blog

I have so much to talk about and need to post this is what I'll start with

Abigail's Birthday Aug. 10th

My baby girl turned 2 ya its crazy but she is the most adorable thing ever. For her birthday party I made cupcakes and my mom made a giant cupcake

Abby really didn't know what to do with the candle

She decided to try to eat it!!! we went to a little park down the street from my moms and some friends of ours and my moms side of the family came. It was a cool day the wind was out. Now on her birthday day we went to my moms and had smores yes we did it was national smore day and my sisters came and we really just enjoyed ourselves.

Dominic's Birthday Sept. 8th

Made sure to put his sign up in the window he loves it!!

For his party we did it at my moms of course one of our hottest days this summer but ya in Sept. we had fun hot dogs, smores, and his fav dirts and warms!!!

yes one was sugar free pudding so really not all sugar free.. good times though

Dominic and I she is my angel! The day of his Birthday we went to the park with his friends had dirt's and warms and really just had a great time with some great friends

Sausage fest time Aug 9th-11th

Little toys in hand that he won(daddy won)

He loved this ride he got to choose and after watching it forever he wanted to go on it. Daddy got a little sick but let me tell you this little boy was so excited went back the next day and couldn't wait to go on it again.

Abby and I just watched and chilled on the side next year she'll be able to go on things. Oh no that means mommy needs to loose this weight.

Mommy decided lets go do the ring toss we won't win but hey it will be fun.

(oh was I wrong)

Mike won on the second toss he did!

Yes its a Giant Fire Dog... Yes its bigger then Dom!!!

Fall Time in The Garrett House

I got the wreath at goodwill and the tart pan I painted and my sister put the quote in!

Little touches of Fall oh I love fall!!

The kids put their Rain Boots on today and ya no rain but its fall too me!

My little rain boot outside with my fall flowers.

the little touches are everything to me!

Last of all I painted a wall in my house!

It makes my house warm and inviting can't wait to finish all my fall/winter/ Halloween little things around the house... Here is to a wonderful season I'm so excited!!!

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